How it works


  • The Open Category allows participants to prepare a robotic project that is evaluated by judges.
  • Three age groups, Elementary 10-12, Junior 13-15 and Senior 16-19.
  • The general theme is the same for all 3 age groups with specifics for each.
  • To participate, the video of the project must be published and submitted before the November 1st deadline. Make sure your video meets the requirements of the "How to create a video" guide.
  • The best projects will be contacted for a live interview with the judges during the event.
  • For WRO 2020-X, no written report is required. Printed posters may be replaced by digital versions integrated into the video.
  • Submitted projects are eligible for the LEGO Education Creativity Award.


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Climate Squad

Open projects on climate change

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General Rules

Here are the general rules for Open Category WRO 2020-X