About Registration


We are a team of 2 participants, one is 12 years old and the other is 14 years. How do we register?

You need to register 2 Junior participants since they will form a Junior team together.  


Could we (my team) participate in Regular AND Surprise?

Yes, at WRO 2020-X, a team can participate in more than one challenge!


Is there an extra cost to participate in Regular AND Surprise?

No, the only cost per participant is 25 $CAD and it includes access to all challenges!

For all Challenges - Regular, Open, Suprise


May we change our video after it is submitted?

No, you can only submit your video link once! Make it your best shot!


Where do I find instructions to create my video?

Look for the “How to Create a Video” button in the event website under Info

Regular Category Only


What is the deadline to submit the video?

See schedule on Info page.


Do I have to use the official Stopwatch web page?

Yes, you need to access the Stopwatch web page and make it visible to the camera all the time when you make your video. The Stopwatch web page also displays the randomization.


Since the randomization stay the same for 30 minutes, are we allowed to skip reading the color code (Junior) to save time?

This is your choice. It is not in the spirit of the game but we cannot prevent it. 


Randomization is changing every 30 minutes, does it mean that the run has to be completed, recorded and uploaded within those 30 minutes?

No, you have until the deadline to upload and submit your video. 


How will the judge know if I used the right randomization?

The Stopwatch webpage also shows the randomization (that changes every 30 minutes). The Stopwatch needs to be visible to the camera all the time when you make your video. Therefore, we will also see at all time the randomization.


Can we show up to the camera at the end of the video instead of at the beginning?

No, the whole team needs to show up to the camera right before starting the robot. And no video editing is allowed! But you can still cheer at the end and celebrate!

Open Category Only


What is the deadline to submit the video?

November 1st, 12:00 EST


Do we need to print posters for our booth?

You can print posters or add digital ones to your video


Do we need to provide a written report?

No, the written report is not required at WRO 2020-X


I didn't received any information for the Open Interviews, why?

Our judges selected a few teams only to have live interviews with judges. If you didn't get an email, you were not selected.


We are in a different time zone. If we are selected for a live interview, will we have to present during daytime or night time?

Interviews will be scheduled during daytime or evening time. You will have time to sleep!


The General Rules say the video shall be 2 minutes max and the How to Create a Video document says 2 minutes 30 seconds max. Which one is right?

We ask you to briefly present your team at the beginning, this is why the time limit has been extended to 2 minutes 30 seconds in total.

Surprise Category Only




How much time do you we have to do the Surprise Challenge?

2 minutes maximum for the round. 2min30sec maximum for the video (30 seconds for preparation is allowed)


What is the deadline to submit the video?

See schedule on Info page


Are we allowed to use a surface with lines on it?

Yes, as long as your surface respects the crosses and the dimensions written and illustrated in the rules.


If we can’t meet in person, can our teammate(s) be visible on the camera on a Zoom?



Can we remove the stands under the book after the robot starts?

No. You are only allowed to touch the book and the snowballs. 


Senior Category

Bucket upside down


Is it allowed to reverse all the buckets?

Yes, but you don’t get more points than for only reversing one.


Do the buckets have to be reversed on the table?

No. As written in the rules, get bonus points for turning a bucket upside down on the ground momentarily.


Is it allowed to place the buckets “reversed” at the beginning?



Do we use a 5th bucket to get points for “bucket upside down”?

No. You use only 4 buckets in total.


Bucket on Bucket


In order to get full points of the bonus task “bucket on bucket”, is it enough to stack the first 2 buckets or do we have to stack the remaining 2 also?

You will get 2 points for stacking 1 bucket over another. You will get 4 points for doing this 2 times.


Can the 2 buckets be stacked upside down on the table?